What is a Vibro Sifter Machine :
A Vibro Sifter is a Machine used for sifting or separating different materials with the help of vibration method of the machine. The vibration motion performs the separation and scalping functions efficiently. This machine depicts a circular rotating screen which is used to separate and grade different materials depending upon the purpose of the process undertaken. It can separate solid materials away from solids, also solids from liquids. It becomes clear that the machine mainly separates the mass composition of materials. The main purpose of using this machine is to assist in achieving proper product quality by isolating oversized particles or fragments to get the correct product. A Vibro Sifter includes different small parts including a motor, a filter screen, cover , screen, space outlet, spring and others.

Process and manufacturing :
We are one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers of the sifter among the industry. We take utmost care and all the precautionary measures in the making and supply of this machine. With the use of electrical power, the motor placed inside, converts the power into energy that drives the whole machine. The important function of vibration is done by the machine which helps in splitting the materials. The filter screen enables in filtering the materials and providing extremely fine particles of uniform size. The size of the filter may differ depending upon the purpose for which the machine will be used. The cover lid made up from some metal is placed on the machine for providing a cover to the processing of materials.
The actual process of the Vibro Sifter includes the below steps :

  1. The process of sieving is carried out initially. It means the breaking or removing of the lumps which get formed as a result of extended storage. The filter screen enables removal of unnecessary strings, bug fragments or any unwanted particles from the main raw product.
  2. The grading process refers to the process of separating ingredients by its actual size. Example, if we are separating sugar with this process, the particles of dust and other unwanted pieces may be thrown out at the first instance, but, the main filtration occurs when all the uniform sized sugar is obtained at the last stage of separation. This activity is also named as sifting or sizing.
Why choose us :

At ram engineering, we design ethical business policies and methods for our clients. We create an informal atmosphere for our clients so that both can understand end exchange views easily. Our team of quality controllers and technicians look after every minute aspect of our products so that high quality of our products is maintained for a prolonged period. Our consumers remain satisfied with our services because we make use of best quality standards and norms in the industry. We have established our production facilities in a way that we are able to make timely delivery of best quality vibro sifter machines. The offer made by us to our clients is always economical and low budget which is beneficial for both of us. Our manufactured sifters provide a couple of advantages as below:

  1. They depict a compact design.
  2. Our manufactured sifter machines guarantee minimum noise.
  3. We make machines which are energy efficient.
  4. Our sifters are made up with high stainless steel.
  5. We are able to provide the machines which have the ability to handle dust and unwanted particles effectively.

Product Details :

Brand : Ram Engineering Works

Model : Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Vibro Sifter Machine

Frequency : 50 - 60 Hz

Voltage : 220 / 360 V

Approx Price : 150,000 /- + GST 18 %

Ram Engineering works serves Vibro Sifter Machine in Mumbai, India and across the entire globe.

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