Semi Automatic weigh Filler Machines

Semi-automatic Weigh Filler Machines are used for filling of products with uneven shapes and sizes like rice, fertilizer, dry fruits, whole spices, nuts and bolts. These include 3 components hopper to be filled with the product, electronically controlled linear vibratory tray, pneumatically controlled weighing pans. The flow of materials goes from the hopper in to the trays. These trays operate at varying drive levels to check that the product is continuously flowing in to the weighing pan attached to the machines. The weight of the product discharged in to the tray is checked against the decided weight to maintain the continuous flow of product. Once it reaches the desired weight the product flow in the tray is stopped. Filler tolerance of more than 1% can be obtained under certain conditions.

Technical specifications of the product :

Voltage : 220 V

Current : 6 amperes

Automation Grade : Semi Automatic

Deal : New Only

Packing Range : 100 gm to 1 Kg to 5 Kg / 5 Kg to 10 Kg

Production Speed Approx : 10 - 12 bags per minute

We Have 2 types of Machine :

  • 1 Head Semi Automatic Weigh Filler Machine
    Approx Price : 130,000/- + GST 18%

  • 2 Head Semi Automatic Weigh Filler Machine
    Approx Price : 225,000/- + GST 18%

Ram Engineering works serves Semi Automatic weigh Filler Machine in Mumbai, India, and across the entire globe.

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