Inspection Conveyor Machines

What is an Inspection Conveyor :
A conveyor system is one of the effective equipment to transport materials within the same work area from one point to other point. Heavy and bulky items can be transferred from the start point to the point of use. An Inspection Conveyor ensures that only complete and quality product gets transported to the packaging phase. This type of testing can avoid malfunctioning or if any product is broken ,it can be identified and removed from the further process. This special belt is used for inspecting the caps to check for any damaged and non-uniform caps. The actual process works starts when the product is placed on the conveyor belt. It gets divided into different passages for inspection. Depending upon the application the conveyor can be multi-tiered. The product to be checked or transported gets fed in to one of the lanes or on to a separate tier of the conveyor. The waste gets collected in to independent parts provided on the sides of the conveyor where it gets moved to the bottom tier of the conveyor.

Features : At ram engineering, we manufacture and supply one of the best quality Inspection Conveyor in the market. The conveyor machines manufactured by us get tested and verified through different standards of quality prevalent in the industry. Our quality technicians and skilled staff are well trained in designing of the conveyor machines in a manner that customers remain satisfied with our services and continue their relations with us for a prolonged period of time. Some of the salient features of our Inspection Conveyor Machines can be highlighted as below:

  1. The conveyors facilitate smooth transportation of materials and items.
  2. The design and structure of our conveyors is simple to understand.
  3. Low consumption of electricity is required by these machines.
  4. These machines are compact in size and easily movable.
  5. These are cost effective machines and economical.
Technical specifications of our inspection conveyor machine are as below :
Body made of MS pipes and MS sheets. Slots are given in the body for easy cleaning of the conveyor. Mild Steel legs are provided in the system.
PVC / PU food grade belt.
PP support sheet on which the belt runs along the length of the conveyor. The support sheet is mounted on a framework made of Mild Steel angles.
Return rollers are made of Mild Steel for easy movement of a belt on the return side.
MS drive and driven rollers.
Modular design for easy assembly and disassembly.
Drive arrangement consists of geared motors, bearings, tensioning arrangement, etc.

Product Details :

Approx Price : 150,000 /- + GST 18 %

Ram Engineering works serves Inspection Conveyor Machine in Mumbai, India, and across the entire globe.

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